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Were damien rice and lisa hannigan dating

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The singer bagged her big break when she bumped into Damien Rice in the student bar at Trinity College, Dublin, and timidly told him she could sing.

She swiftly became his backing singer, eventually lending her breathy, ethereal voice to the Irishman's wildly successful debut album O and his follow-up, 9. In fact, a contradictory reticence punctuated by moments of perkiness characterises her conversation, which takes place in a tiny, serene space at the back of Union Chapel in north London, where she takes some time admiring a "particularly fat pigeon" nibbling on bird seed.

But that she chose to even acknowledge this in some way (when previously she always ignored such comments), and thanked the other person like she did for defending her, makes me think that nostalgia in her did not bloom on a listen of MFFF, if she did listen to it at all.

I know people do not like getting into the dynamics of this equation between these two, but for me, if two people are using their music as a form of communication with one another, then the corresponding inter play is actually quite fascinating.

Band update – After much thought and discussion Damien has decided that his professional relationship with Lisa Hannigan has run its creative course.

Fan fiction time: Make up a scandalous backstory to the rift and departure. Yet despite the lack of starry airs, Irish singer Lisa Hannigan is beginning to garner some serious attention.Influential US television host Stephen Colbert put the 28-year-old Dublin-native on his show after seeing a You Tube video of her singing in a local pub, her songs have become the soundtrack for tender moments in Grey's Anatomy, and next week she will be given the pop equivalent of a winning lottery ticket: an appearance on Later With Jools Holland.But he doesn’t hesitate before answering: “meeting Lisa Hannigan”. He smiles, wistfully: “Lisa Hannigan not wanting to talk to me anymore” And what are his hopes and ambitions for the coming decade?Rice closes his eyes and thinks for a moment before answering softly: “just to be kind”. Rice walks into the bar of a Dublin city-centre hotel to do his first proper interview in almost three years. With his shock of unkempt hair, patchwork shirt and holey sweater, the lightly bearded 35-year-old (he’ll turn 36 in a few days) looks more like an impoverished eco-warrior than an internationally famous and possibly even wealthy musician.“Yeah, I remember”, he says, “backstage in Joe’s Pub”.