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IBM Web Sphere Application Server provides periodic fixes for the base and Network Deployment editions of release V8.5.The following is a complete listing of fixes for V8.5 with the most recent fix at the top.

This section describes issues that are currently known and provides solutions to avoid the issues where possible. This updates also downloading XMM2130 loaders from server, so make sure before you start LBF'ing XGold213, you get "No updates avaiable" - this will ensure your 100% success reading LBF data. February 09 Cyclone Box Fast and Standalone Level1-Level7 NCK Calculator from COD Released - Added Fast Standalone Level1-Level7 Codes Calculator from COD Files, supported format is Common Cyclone COD File, ocl Hash Cat Unix/Windows, MXCrap. February 08 Cyclone UPDATE AGAIN, Nokia 100/101/102 Unlock Added Hi to all! Using RPL method also Keypad/FBUS counter might be resetted. If you encountering Autoupdate problems, check firewall. After updating, make sure on bottom-right statusbar you have "No updates avaiable". We have increased update tries credit numbers from 3 to 5, because of some users problems with update process. "0" is recommended serials, other may give you - "Wrong code". - Removed Send COD File To Server, Receive Level7 Code, etc routines. On failure, you can download new exe manually from place it at C:\Program Files\Cyclone Box 2. Update your box via Box Maintenance, or just agree upon first Nokia Tool launch. - Added support for unlock by LBF read for latest XGold113 Nokia Phones, this is Nokia 100, 101, 102, again WORLD FIRST - Latest XGold110/113 phones is also supported to full RPL Read (IMEI Simlock), so afterwards Simlock or IMEI could be fully restored - world's first too...RAPS_V3.03-PA_SL2 CPU * 3600 slide -(V56.26 NOT SUPPORTED) * 5220 Xpress Music (RM411) * 5220b Xpress music (RM-410) * 7210 Supernova * 7310 Supernova * 7510a * 7610 Supernova RAP3GS_V3.02-PA_SL2 CPU * 6600 fold * 6600 slide Unique Software - DCT4/WD2 Part 1. - Added support for LBF data read for new XGold110 based phones, this is X1-00, X1-01, absolutly WORLD FIRST - Nokia X1-00, X1-01, 100, 101, 102 flashing added - 20 Digits is now checked upon XGold1xx Hash Read, as users reported 20 digit phones (i.e. The 20 digits phones will not be readed now, to not loss the computation power of SL3 Clusters.One click Unlock - no need having tons of firmwares to make on-the-fly partials, those provided by us are already done and tested for Direct SP Unlock, SP Relock, SP Autolock (IMSI), SP Autolock (NET), SP Rebuild for following models/versions: 2610 v3.53 2610 v3.71 2610 v3.75 2610 v3.77 2610 v4.50 2610 v4.51 2610 v4.90 2610 v5.65 2610 v5.90 2610 v6.70 2610 v6.73 2610 v7.10 2610 v7.11 2610b v3.53 2610b v3.71 2610b v3.75 2610b v3.77 2610b v4.50 2610b v4.51 2610b v4.90 2610b v5.65 2610b v5.90 2610b v6.70 2610b v6.73 2610b v7.10 2610b v7.11 1112b v5.01 1112b v5.03 1112b v5.55 1112b v6.00 1112b v6.46 1112 v5.03 1112 v5.04 1112 v5.50 1112 v5.53 1112 v5.54 1112 v6.00 1112 v6.01 1112 v6.40 1112 v6.41 1112 v6.93 1112 v7.02 1112a v3.00 1112a v3.11 1112a v3.30 6060 v3.01 6060 v3.03 6060b v3.01 6060b v3.03 1200 v3.12 1200 v3.40 1200 v3.44 1200 v4.00 1200 v4.11 1200 v4.51 1200 v5.06 1200 v5.23 1200 v5.51 1200 v5.53 1200 v5.71 1200 v5.80 1200b v4.00 1200b v4.11 1200b v5.06 1200b v5.32 1208 v3.72 1208 v4.00 1208 v4.11 1208 v4.51 1208 v5.06 1208 v5.23 1208 v5.51 1208 v5.53 1208 v5.71 1208 v5.80 1208b v4.00 1208b v4.11 1208b v5.06 1208b v5.23 1208b v5.32 1202 v2.80 1202 v3.00 7070 v6.20 7070 v6.35 1681c v5.61 2310 v2.10 2310 v3.00 2319 v3.10 2310 v3.21 2310 v3.31 2310 v5.10 2310 v5.90 2310 v6.30 2310 v6.33 2310 v6.50 2310 v6.52 6030b v5.24 6030b v5.25 6030b v5.27 2760 v3.62 2760 v4.22 2760 v5.20 2760 v5.22 2760 v5.61 2760 v5.62 2760b v3.62 2760b v4.22 2760b v5.20 2760b v5.22 2760b v5.61 2760b v5.62 2626 v3.51 2626 v4.61 2626 v6.80 2626 v6.81 2626b v3.51 2626b v4.61 2626b v6.80 2626b v6.81 2660 v3.63 2660 v5.20 2660 v5.61 2660 v5.62 2660 v5.66 2630 v3.82 2630 v4.20 2630 v4.21 2630 v4.90 2630 v5.20 2630 v5.22 2630 v5.61 2630 v5.62 2630b v3.82 2630b v4.20 2630b v4.21 2630b v4.90 2630b v5.20 2630b v5.22 2630b v5.61 2630b v5.62 1650 v4.11 1650 v4.51 1650 v5.06 1650 v5.23 1650 v5.30 1650 v5.32 1650 v5.51 1650 v5.53 1650 v5.71 1650 v5.80 2600c v5.21 2600c v5.22 2600c v5.61 2600cb v5.21 2600cb v5.22 2600cb v5.61 5000 v3.50 5000 v3.54 5000 v4.60 5000 v4.88 5000 v4.89 5000b v3.50 5000b v3.54 5000b v4.60 5000b v4.88 5000b v4.89 2760h v5.45 2680s v4.56 2680s v4.91 2680sb v4.56 2680sb v4.91 1680c v5.61 1680c v5.63 1680cb v5.61 1680cb v5.63 2. - When 20 Digits NCK is found upon BB5 LBF read, operation will be canceled (previously - asked whether to continue, or not), same reason as up - Minor changes and bugfixes How to update? December 20 Cyclone Box Installer v1.17 with Xperia Addon and more - SE Xperia Unlocker introduced (this is 3rd party addon) Supported Phones : Xperia X10 Mini - E10i Xperia X10 Mini Pro - U20 Xperia X8 - E15i Xperia W8 - E16 - E16i Xperia X10 Xperia X10i Xperia X10a Docomo SO-01B All These Phones supported without TEST POINT - Added Real time SE Xperia Unlocker account Creator in 'Credits' tool.There is also an FAQ, providing answers to frequently-asked questions. Dan's updated FAQ is also available in other file formats, and in Spanish.