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Certainly an interesting legal discussion, but more importantly, an opportunity for families to provide additional protection.Video () : After the hidden cameras led to charges in two recent cases, the state's ombudsman for long-term care has received at least one call a day from concerned relatives. Jean Peters felt a wave of anxiety sweep over her as she watched video footage of her frail, 85-year-old mother being ridiculed by a nursing aide at York Gardens senior home in Edina. “That is why I am so rough with you.” Now, nearly two years after catching the incident on video, Peters and her sister Kay Bromelkamp have become zealous proponents of using miniature cameras to catch abuse in senior homes.Indoor security cameras can help you keep tabs on pets, kids, and the overall security of your home.

Classic nanny cams like those disguised as teddy bears or wall clocks are a great option for your child’s room – no one will ever know they’re being recorded.It’s meant to surreptitiously monitor your nanny or babysitter without his/her knowledge.You won’t have to worry about legal ramifications of this type of device if it only records video; It’s legal in all 50 states to secretly videotape the contents of your home and all visitors without their consent.A Nanny Cam or Granny Cam is a device that will record your Nanny or Granny's care taker to make sure they are not abusing your child or elderly parent.You want to catch them doing something before it leads to injury.We are often asked by families whether it is legal for them to place a hidden camera in their loved one’s nursing home room. So families are wondering how they can keep an eye on loved ones and the care providers in Virginia long term care facilities.